Garstang Arts Society 200 Club

The 200 Club is a Fundraising venture whereby a group of 200 supporters invest in a number and hope to win one of the cash prizes in our biannual draw. These draws are normally combined with a social occasion making it a very pleasant evening – especially for the lucky ones!

The Club is not fully subscribed and anyone interested in joining this fundraising venture should enquire at the Arts Centre.

More information

For more information, please contact Hilary Burns on telephone 01995 606648

Fundraising as You Buy

Fundraising on behalf of the Arts Society has been made very easy for those make purchases on-line, and it cost you nothing!

You can Give as you buy by simply entering in your browser (or clicking the blue link here) you will be redirected to the Easyfundraising page.  Register your details, select your favourite good cause, i.e Garstang Arts Centre then go shopping.  You will have the opportunity to visit 2700 retailers from John Lewis, Marks and Spencer, Topps Tiles, Holiday providers and much more.

Each retailer will make a donation to the Arts Centre; the value of the donation does vary from each one, some offering a percentage, others a finite value irrespective of your purchase value.

Each time you visit you will be reminded of your total raised to date.  There is also a facility that remembers if you have already visited a retailer; should you go to the retailer again, but not through simply click the reminder when you shop to receive any eligible donations. You’ll never forget a free donation again!

Happy easy free fundraising!