AV Facilities

The Arts Centre offers extensive audio/visual facilities in its Music Room. This page:

  • describes what’s available;
  • includes a series of ‘how to’ guides, each guide explaining one aspect of the equipment’s routine use; and
  • provides access to manufacturers’ manuals for the component parts.

AV equipment that is not wall or ceiling mounted is securely stored in one of two equipment lockers. Remote controls sticks are kept there too. If you don’t have access to these lockers, the Curator or Assistant Curator will help you.

What’s available?

We have a ceiling mounted, full HD projector, focused on to a 3.5m screen on the Eastern wall. The projector can be fed from the in-house DVD player, an HDMI socket or a VGA lead.

Activity groups and visiting lecturers are welcome to connect their own equipment to the projector. Alternatively, there is a 17” 1920×1080 Windows 10 laptop with HDMI output.

There is a surround sound amplifier to which we can connect a variety of loudspeakers. The amp is fed from the DVD/CD player or via audio sockets.

There is a Public Address system with two microphones. This feeds the induction loop system and also plays through fixed loudspeakers. Those speakers are wall mounted, half way along the North and South walls.

There is a 37” full HD, smart ‘TV’ screen mounted on the South wall. This serves as a display screen only and cannot receive live TV broadcasts. It can be fed from a wide variety of sources, including HDMI and USB.

There is a full HD camcorder with HDMI (and other output) connection(s), suitable for live screenings to the TV or ceiling mounted projector.

How to . . .

  • Use the camcorder
  • Work the projector and screen
  • Use the ‘TV’ for a slide show or music playlist
  • Use the laptop
  • etc . . .

Manufacturers’ Technical Manuals