Competition Rules


The Club holds a number of competitions throughout the year with trophies awarded to winners of the first prize. A trophy is also awarded to the most successful photographer in the Club during the competition season. All trophies are presented at the annual Presentation Evening and are held for one year. The Chairman also awards a trophy to his/her favourite image from the Club competitions.

Click the link for a pdf version of the camera club competition rules

1. Any member wishing to enter Club competitions must be a current Club member. They must obtain a Competition number from the Competition Secretary.

2.  All entries must be the member’s original work. Entries must not contravene or infringe the existing copyright rules.

3. In each of the Club competitions a member may submit up to a maximum of six entries, with no more than three entries allowed in any one section.

4 An image, or significantly similar image, may only be entered in one section in any of the Club competitions. Sections are:

(a) Colour Prints  (b) Monochrome Prints  (c) Projected Digital Images

For example, in the Annual Competition you could enter 3 colour prints, 1 monochrome print and 2 projected images to give a maximum of six entries; or alternatively 2 colour prints, 2 monochrome prints and 2 projected images.

5. Any winning image (or one significantly similar) may not be entered in a subsequent competition in the same or future years.

6. Prints must be mounted, include a title and the Club member’s Competition Number. The maximum mount size is 40cm x 50cm.

7. In order to ensure that images are projected properly by the club’s equipment, digital entries to the clubs competitions must be supplied in jpeg format and in sRGB colour space. The image must be resized to 1600 Pixels (Horizontal) x 1200 Pixels (Vertical). Guidance for resizing images is given in our ‘Useful Links’ section of our website. If you are not sure, help is available, please ask a member of the committee.

8. Digital images should be submitted either on a CD or USB stick (which will be returned) and members must create a new folder for each competition, with the folder name being your name followed by the competition name and date. For example:
Firstname Surname Environment 2019, Firstname Surname Anything Goes 2020
Filenames must be a maximum of 40 characters and contain a title and your competition number. Please use a capital letter at the start of each title word and insert an underscore between the title and your competition number.
Example: Lytham Pier_123.jpg (where 123 is your competition number)
Your title will be briefly displayed on screen during competitions.

9. Events Cup 13th November 2019
The Events Cup will encompass images taken on the ‘Summer Visits’ arranged during the closed season, i.e. June, July and August. Also, images taken on the ‘Informal Visits’ i.e. various club outings arranged throughout the year, may be entered in this competition. Return visits to venues are NOT allowed. (A full list of eligible visits will be posted shortly). Final date for entries will be 16th October 2019.
The eligible visits will be:
Summer Outing Wednesday 19th June: Glasson Dock and Conder Green (evening visit)
Summer Outing 10th July: Stanley Park (full day)
Summer Outing 14th August: (evening)
Informal Visit Friday 17th May: Kirby Lonsdale and surrounding area (full day)
Informal Visit Friday 6th September  Oulton Park – Bennetts British Superbike Championship (full day)

10. Environment 4th December 2019
The Landscape Competition will be replaced by an Environment competition. The focal point of the images in the Environment competition will be:
Landscapes, Plant Life, Architecture, Dereliction, Sculptures, Street Art, Environmental Issues and Transport.
Anything that shows where we live and how we interact with the environment.
People and Animals must show scale or add to, and not simply be, the focal point.
Final date for entries will be 6th November 2019

11. Creatures of the World 15th January 2020
Any real creature that was alive or was once alive. No toys, sculptures and no people.
Final date for entries will be 11th December 2019.

12. Humanity 12th February 2020
The ‘Portraits’ Competition will be replaced by a ‘Humanity Competition’.
This will include people in all environments, activities and emotions. People or people-related connections must be the focal point. More than one person may be included in the image.
Final date for entries will be 15th January 2020

13.  Anything Goes – 4th March 2020
Any image on any theme.
Final date for entries will be 5th February 2020

14. The Assignment and Newcomers competitions have been discontinued and the Annual competition renamed.

15. Photographer of the Year
The points system for the POTY competition will be amended as follows:

First place – 6 Points
Second place – 5 Points
Third place – 4 Points
Highly Commended – 3 Points
Commended – 2 Points
No other placing – 1 Point
Chairman’s Trophy – 6 Points

Individual member’s points will not be published but, at the end of the season, any member may apply to the Competition Secretary to obtain the total number of points they have earned each season.

If only one member enters a competition, comments will be given by the judge and the trophy will be awarded and points given for 1st place only. That is, if a member submits three entries and is the only entrant in that section of the competition, 6 points will be awarded for 1st place and no points awarded for 2nd and 3rd place.

NB All winning images will normally be displayed on the club’s website, but, at its discretion, the committee reserves the right to not publish images it deems to be inappropriate.