Competition Winners – Digital


Newcomers Cup  (digital only)
1st – If You Loved Me You Would Share
by Sheena Ball
2nd – Kingfisher Brunch
by Sheena Ball
3rd – Gym Boy by Sheena Ball
Summer Cup (digital)
1st – Liverpool Ladies
by Peter Knight
2nd – Paul
by Ken Harrison
3rd – The Darkroom
by Richard Meyers
Summer – Bowland Trophy Landscape
1st – Autumn at Elterwater
by Bill Hansell
2nd – Cascade Ponds
by Robin Shorrock
3rd – Tranquil
by Stan Pearson
Portrait Competition (digital)
1st – Amber with Pastels
by David Sloan
2nd – Intergalactic Cavalier
by Bill Hansell
3rd – What Next?
by Peter Knight
Assignment (digital) – subject Textures
1st – Gnarled
by Joan Sutton
2nd – Plaited Hair
by Barry Till
3rd – Tide Up
by June Gornall
Annual (digital)
1st – Juvenile Egret Begging for Food
by John Moxham
2nd – Rufous -chested Dotterel
by Ken Harrison
3rd – Blue Rider
by John Moxham