Under the capable instruction of Sheila Davies, DPAGB, the the Club created an audio visual show.
You can find it on Youtube by following the link: Club AV show

Anne Hardy

Asian Leopard Attack Gorilla Silverback Goshawk Spitting Feathers


Fieldmouse on Red Scabious Female Kingfisher Sitting Waiting

Wendy Gaskin

Water Lily Up and Down Puffins


Glaciers, Eternal Fjord Reflections Autumn


June Gornall

To the Beach Heron Canal Near Garstang


Lune Aqueduct Fishing Nets Clouds

Rhona Giles

Skye at Night Barcelona Chimneys Tawny Frogmouth


Shapes of Summer Dockyard Junk Spanish Stairs

Michael Tempan

Wading Oystercatcher The Old Pier Moray Dolphin with Salmon


The Merger San Benedetto Limone The Merger (Mono)

Peter Knight

Vintage Ice Cream Miomantis Frisky Fellow


Peregrine Falcon Sorry Mate Catch Me If You Can

Bill Hansell

Bend Me, Shape Me Komodo Dragon Santorini Blue
Bend Me, Shape Me Komodo Dragon Santorini Blue


Snow Patrol Teasels Three’s a Crowd
Snow Patrol Teasels Three's a Crowd

Maurice Barker

Too Close for Comfort Where’s the Ball? Taking the Air


On the Line at Nicky Nook Cool Biker Arrows A-Plenty

Stan Pearson

Sir Tom Fleetwood Wrecks Escalator or Stairs


Burning Sky Bob Brock Weir