Geoff Butterworth May Art Exhibition

Geoff paints the best in town, country and seaside


Garstang Arts Centre is host for the next three weeks to a Lancashire artist whose works of art are known and loved around the globe.
Paintings by Geoff Butterworth go on display at the centre from Tuesday, May 8th to the end of the month.
Art exhibitions at the centre always attract interest from locals and visitors, but both the quality and style of Geoff’s works are likely to attract even wider interest than usual.

Geoff’s story:
Geoff grew up in the Pennine village of Littleborough in the 1950s. After leaving school, he trained in engineering and was a fabricator for seven years but this ended abruptly in 1974 when he was involved in a serious motorbike accident in which he almost lost a leg.
During a painful three and a half year convalescence, Geoff developed his interest in painting.
As a truly talented artist, his paintings are remarkable for their detail and accuracy. Working in watercolour in a style that Geoff calls ‘photo-realism’ he has a great sense of light, colour and perspective and is able to produce shadows that are hard or soft, brilliant light or great depths of darkness, and a most realistic feeling of heat or cold.

His fine pictures belie the fact that he is self-taught. His inspiration comes from studying villages and countryside with a photographic eye. His work is elegant and sophisticated, yet honest and accessible.
The time when he took up art coincided with the ending of the industrial dominance of cotton mills (the age of steam was a distant memory). Geoff says these changes gave the area of the Pennines he knew a fresh new vibrancy, emerging, as it was from its grimy past.

Villages took on a fresh new look as more wealth brought a new pride in homes and their surroundings. It was during this period of transformation that Geoff developed as an artist.
His early paintings were of his home area, around Littleborough – them moorland and local houses. His work quickly drew attention from galleries in Saddleworth, Stockport and then Wales, where several art shops took his work. By 1983 he was staging one-man shows at least twice a year, producing a much of work which sold for only tens of pounds.

But he was gaining much attention and in Saddleworth he had his first near sell out show on the preview.
Since those early years Geoff has won many major awards in national competitions and has been received commissions from many parts of the world, including the USA, Australia and many parts of England.
In 1998 Geoff moved into the 300-year old parsonage at Whitworth, near Rochdale, and set up a studio which is still his base.

Featured here are a selection of photographs of Geoff’s paintings, some from the exhbition, some from his website (see contact info below).

Click on the photo of the arts centre and sign to see opening times. Refreshments available.

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